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Understand Azure API Management and its benefits at scale

Business systems and applications are increasingly interconnected and that interconnection, done properly, delivers better results. Systems communicate via APIs that need to be managed efficiently and securely to deliver seamless experiences to users, partners, and customers. Dootrix uses Microsoft’s Azure powerful API Management tools to provide a robust and comprehensive solution for API lifecycle management.

APIM Accelerator

Dootrix has created an end-to-end solution; a best-in-class, enterprise-scale approach to API Management.

Our APIM Accelerator is the product of years of experience working closely with enterprise organisations to develop, manage and secure complex data estates.

The accelerator combined with our expertise helps reduce the time, cost and risk involved in Azure API development, deployment, and management.

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Accelerate your journey with the Azure APIM Accelerator.

What is Azure API Management?

Azure API Management is a fully managed service that allows organisations to publish, secure, transform, maintain, and monitor APIs. It acts as a gateway that enables enterprises to control access to their APIs while ensuring high availability, scalability, and security. With Azure API Management, businesses can streamline the process of exposing APIs to internal teams, external developers, or third-party partners.

Key Features of Azure API Management:

  • API Gateway: Azure API Management serves as a gateway through which APIs are managed and exposed to consumers. It provides a unified entry point for various APIs, allowing for centralised management and enforcement of policies.
  • Developer Portal: It offers a user-friendly developer portal where developers can discover, explore, test, and consume APIs. This portal simplifies onboarding and encourages collaboration among developers.
  • Security and Access Control: Azure API Management ensures the security of APIs by enabling authentication, authorisation, and encryption mechanisms. It allows for fine-grained access control and protects APIs from unauthorised access or misuse.
  • Monitoring and Analytics: The platform provides comprehensive monitoring and analytics tools to track API usage, performance, and health. This data helps in optimising APIs and understanding consumer behaviour.
  • Policy Enforcement: Administrators can implement policies to enforce specific behaviours or restrictions on APIs. These policies can include rate limiting, caching, transformation, and request/response validation.

Benefits of Using Azure API Management at Scale:

  1. Centralised Management

    Azure API Management offers a centralised platform to manage APIs across an entire organisation. It provides a single interface to create, deploy, monitor, and version APIs, simplifying the overall management process. Read more about  APIM centralised Management.

  2. Scalability
    As businesses grow, the demand for APIs increases. Azure API Management ensures scalability by handling variable workloads efficiently. It allows for auto-scaling, ensuring that APIs remain responsive under heavy loads without compromising performance. Read more about APIM and scalability.
  3. Enhanced Security
    Security is paramount in API management. Azure API Management offers robust security features such as authentication, authorisation, SSL/TLS encryption, and threat protection. It helps in safeguarding APIs and sensitive data against potential threats and vulnerabilities. Read more about APIM and its enhanced security.
  4. Improved Developer Experience

    The developer portal provided by Azure API Management enhances the developer experience by offering comprehensive documentation, testing tools, and self-service capabilities. This encourages developer adoption and collaboration. Read more about streamlining development with APIM

  5. Analytics and Insights
    Monitoring and analytics tools in Azure API Management provide valuable insights into API usage patterns, performance metrics, and user behaviour. This data-driven approach helps in making informed decisions to optimise APIs and enhance user experiences. Read more about the availability of analytics and monitoring with APIM.
  6. Cost Efficiency

    By consolidating API management tasks into a single platform, Azure API Management helps in reducing operational costs. It allows organisations to allocate resources efficiently and optimise infrastructure based on actual usage and demand. Read more about how to maximise value with APIM.

Azure API Management is a powerful solution that enables organisations to manage their APIs effectively, ensuring scalability, security, and streamlined operations. Its impressive array of features help businesses drive innovation, enable digital transformation, and deliver superior experiences to their users and partners in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

If you’re an organisation already using Azure APIM at scale, or that wants to - get in touch  today to see how we can save you significant time and investment.

Navigating the Challenges of Scaling with Azure API Management: Key Considerations

If your organisation wants to manage its APIs efficiently, ensure seamless connectivity and secure interactions across your systems and applications Azure API Management is an invaluable tool.

However, as you grow and your API usage expands, scaling with Azure API Management can present a set of unique challenges that need careful consideration and planning.

It's time to outline these challenges and essential factors to consider carefully when scaling with Azure API Management.

Traffic Management and Scalability

Challenge: Handling increased API traffic can strain resources, affecting performance and responsiveness. Scaling APIs efficiently to accommodate fluctuating workloads becomes crucial to maintaining optimal performance.

Considerations: Implementing auto-scaling capabilities within Azure API Management helps dynamically adjust resources based on traffic demands. Strategically configure policies for throttling and rate limiting to manage traffic spikes without compromising reliability.

Security and Access Control

Challenge: As API usage grows, ensuring robust security measures becomes more complex. At the same time, the risk dramatically increases from: unauthorised access, data breaches, compromised integrity, malicious activities, and compliance violations.

Protecting sensitive data across a larger user base thus becomes vital but poses significant challenges for companies looking to avoid reputational damage, financial losses, operational disruption and increased vulnerability to advanced threats.

Considerations: Implement strong authentication mechanisms, such as OAuth or API keys, and enforce stringent access control policies. Leverage Azure's security features, like Azure Active Directory integration, to manage user identities and permissions effectively.

API Governance and Lifecycle Management

Challenge: Maintaining consistency and managing multiple APIs across various stages of the life cycle (development, testing, deployment, and decommissioning) can become overwhelming as the number of APIs increases.

Some of the challenges include:

- Increased complexity
- Inconsistent performance
- Security risks
- Compliance issues
- Poor documentation and communication
- Increased development and maintenance costs
- Difficulty in versioning upgrades
- Vendor lick in & dependency risks
- Inefficient resource allocation

Considerations: Establish clear governance policies and standardised procedures for API versioning, documentation, and deprecation. Utilise Azure API Management's versioning and revision control features to manage changes systematically. Furthermore, consider the implementation of automation through the use of Infrastructure as Code and deployment pipelines to speed up the development and deployment lifecycle and to reduce human error.

Monitoring, Analytics, and Insights

Challenge: Keeping track of API performance, usage patterns, and user behaviour becomes more intricate with a growing number of APIs. Lack of comprehensive insights can hinder optimisation efforts.

Considerations: Leverage Azure API Management's monitoring and analytics tools extensively. Set up custom dashboards and alerts to track key metrics, identify bottlenecks, and gain actionable insights for optimising APIs.

Cost Management

Challenge: When scaling APIs efficient management is essential to avoid inefficient use of resources and thus unnecessary additional costs.

Considerations: Optimise resource allocation based on actual usage patterns to avoid unnecessary expenses. Azure's billing and cost management tools let you monitor spending and adjust resources accordingly.

Collaboration and Developer Experience

Challenge: Scaling can affect the developer experience, leading to challenges in collaboration, documentation, and onboarding new developers.

Considerations: Maintain a user-friendly developer portal with comprehensive documentation, testing tools, and self-service capabilities. Encourage collaboration through clear communication channels and support mechanisms for developers.

At Dootrix, we have tackled these challenges and considerations many times. We have poured our experience of developing complex data estates for enterprise organisations with hundreds of APIs into an API accelerator that allows us to tackle all of the above, and more - in a matter of weeks. This saves months of learning, review, development and testing. We have enterprise-ready blueprint deployment models, Azure policies, landing zones and code libraries ready for immediate deployment into any organisation that is planning, or already using Azure APIM at scale. Get in touch today to find out more.


While Azure API Management offers robust capabilities for managing APIs, scaling brings its own set of challenges that require careful planning and execution. We can help you to tackle these challenges proactively and effectively. Speak to us today, to learn more about how we help organisations navigate the complexities of scaling with Azure API Management successfully, ensuring a smooth, seamless experience for both API providers and consumers in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Landing our enterprise-scale APIM solution from day one, we are enabling the fast integration, demonstration and commercialisation of data via Azure APIM throughout GRIDSERVE’s renewable energy, Electric vehicle leasing and charging infrastructure businesses



In less than 6 weeks, Dootrix developed highly performant, public APIs for Ofcom, enabling users to have access to highly complex national broadband quality and mobile coverage data, by postcode, across the entire UK.



Modernising a legacy estate of hundreds of APIs that need a modern, enterprise-ready approach to the development, deployment and management of APIs through Azure API Management..

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APIM Accelerator Overview & Benefits

Dootrix’s APIM Accelerator is a solution that consolidates our years of experience with Azure API Management for enterprise organisations aiming to develop, publish, and manage Azure APIs at scale. This comprehensive solution streamlines and expedites the process while offering numerous advantages, as outlined below.


Rapid Deployment and Time Savings

By leveraging an accelerator solution built on extensive experience with Azure API Management, enterprises can significantly reduce the time required for API development and deployment. Pre-configured templates, standardised workflows, and best practices allow for rapid API creation, enabling teams to focus on business logic rather than intricate setup tasks.

Consistency and Standardisation

Our accelerator solution ensures consistency and standardisation across APIs, promoting uniformity in design, security policies, versioning, and documentation. This consistency simplifies maintenance, enhances governance, and facilitates collaboration among different teams working on various APIs within the organisation.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Drawing from years of expertise, the accelerator solution incorporates robust security measures and compliance standards by default. This includes implementing Azure policies, authentication mechanisms, encryption protocols, access controls, and compliance with industry regulations, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities and ensuring data protection.

Scalability and Performance Optimisation

The solution is designed to handle scalability challenges efficiently. It includes predefined configurations for handling increased traffic loads, auto-scaling capabilities, and performance optimisation measures. This ensures that APIs remain responsive and performant, even under heavy usage or fluctuations in demand.

Simplified Management and Monitoring

Enterprise-scale API Management can become complex without proper tools and insights. Our accelerator solution provides a centralised management ‘single pane of glass’ view with monitoring and analytics capabilities. It allows for real-time monitoring of API usage, performance metrics, and health status, enabling proactive maintenance and optimization.

Developer Empowerment and Onboarding

Our solution includes comprehensive documentation, testing tools, and processes. This empowers developers to explore, understand, and use APIs efficiently. It also simplifies onboarding for new developers, expediting their integration into the API ecosystem.

Cost Optimisation and Resource Efficiency

We optimise resource allocation by providing pre-defined Infrastructure as Code, configurations, and best practices to manage Azure resources effectively. This helps avoid unnecessary costs and ensures that resources are allocated based on actual usage patterns, leading to cost savings.

Continuous Improvement and Updates

Drawing from accumulated knowledge and continuous feedback, our APIM accelerator solution is often updated to incorporate the latest industry trends, best practices, and improvements. This ensures that the organisation continually benefits from advancements without having to invest additional time and effort in researching and implementing these updates.


Ultimately, our APIM accelerator solution brings together years of acquired expertise and experience with Azure API Management and offers enterprise organisations a time-saving, efficient, and standardised approach to developing, publishing, and managing APIs at scale. It mitigates complexities, enhances security, promotes consistency, and empowers both developers and administrators, enabling organisations to focus on innovation and delivering exceptional experiences to their consumers.


Enterprise APIM Accelerator


Accelerate your APIM journey.

We have brought together years of experience and learning to significantly decrease the time it takes to deliver an end-to-end solution for the development, deployment and management of Azure APIM.