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Azure OpenAI for you

Cutting edge models

Effortlessly craft generative AI solutions using a wide array of ready-made and carefully selected models from OpenAI, Meta, and more.

Your data

Deploy the Azure OpenAI Service with your data to unlock valuable insights and develop engaging natural language and chat functionalities for your users.

Ethics and trust

A comprehensive safety platform enforces your policies safeguarding against unwanted inputs and outputs, vigilantly overseeing, monitoring for any signs of inappropriate use.

Data privacy and security

Identify and neutralise adverse activities using our integrated responsible AI tools, while benefiting from the robust security measures of Azure at an enterprise level.


AI Readiness

Are you ready? Azure OpenAI service is transformation but most organisations are not ready for it.

Our assessment will review you current practices, uncover gaps in skills and tooling, identify your level of data maturity, explore your approach governance, safety and ethics, and identify opportunities for early AI adoption and integrations so that your business can benefit sooner rather than later. 

You path to AI adoption can begin, safely and securely, TODAY.

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Apply generative AI to your business

The pace of technological innovation is accelerating like never before, pushing companies to explore new ways to stay ahead in the competitive landscape. Generative AI is the next big leap.

1. Conversational AI

AI-driven bots, interactive Q&A sessions, and innovative contact centre enhancements to elevate and streamline your customer service and employee experiences.

2. Content Creation

Harness the power of cutting-edge AI technologies like GPT-4 and DALL·E to spark creativity, craft designs, and produce compelling written content.

3. Data grounding

Unparalleled capability to execute models directly on your organisations data for enhanced precision and deeper insights, utilising Azure OpenAI Service tailored to your unique needs.

4. Accelerated automation

Streamlining IT operations not only elevates the workplace environment for employees but also refines customer engagement and amplifies overall organisational efficiency.

5. Predictive analytics and forecasting

Precise forecasts and predictions is crucial for informed decision-making and streamlining operations. Generative AI models excel in predictive analytics and forecasting.

We can help

These are just a snapshot of how we can help accelerate your journey with Generative AI. 



Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric is an all-in-one analytics solution that covers everything from data movement to data science, real-time analytics, and business intelligence.

We're the team behind

AI Readiness in Action

GRIDSERVE has embraced a forward-thinking approach by developing and expanding a modern data platform on Azure, setting the foundation to future-proof their AI applications. By adopting a data lake mentality, they’ve ensured the capacity to securely and effectively connect and leverage data across all areas.


Be AI Ready

Are you AI Ready?


Start your generative AI journey today.

Set the foundations to future-proof you AI enabled organisation.

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