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Microsoft Partner
Architectural Owner for Azure

Why use an Architectural Owner?

Are you struggling to maintain control and governance across IT projects?
Do you have concerns that internal teams or suppliers are duplicating work, creating conflicts or working inefficiently?
Having an independent Architectural Owner supports projects from early discovery to deployment and helps to create shared understanding and governance framework across an organisation.

Architectural Owner

Are you...

  • A large organisation using a multi-vendor eco-system for your software development?
  • Struggling with consistency across projects, teams and suppliers?
  • Unable to enforce standards and principles across you Azure estate?
  • Requiring extra advice or guidance to ensure projects adhere to Microsoft Azure’s security, governance and architectural best practices?
Architectural Owner

AOs in action


Architectural guidance and validation for the UK’s busiest airport. Working closely with Heathrow’s internal and supplier’s teams to ensure the deployment of reliable, secure and scalable developments within the airport’s Azure estate.


Working closely with the EV charging innovator to develop, implement and ensure best practice security and governance standards for suppliers across their Azure estate, within a multi-supplier ecosystem


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