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AI Readiness Assessment

Is your infrastructure ready for AI?

To truly harness and reap the benefits of AI, we must adopt a comprehensive view that integrates technology, people, and governance.

We recognise the necessity of bridging gaps in AI technical skills, addressing your data landscape’s preparedness, and evolving an organisational mindset to fully leverage technology. This strategic alignment will pave the way for unparalleled innovation and operational efficiency.


The Assessment Provides

  1. Detailed Analysis of Current Practices:
    It evaluates how an organisation currently uses AI and manages its data, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

  2. AI Readiness Status:
    The assessment determines the organisation’s preparedness for AI adoption, highlighting gaps in technology, skills, and processes.

  3. Data Management Improvements:
    It suggests strategies to improve data governance, quality, and accessibility, which are critical for successful AI implementation.

  4. Recommendations for Enhanced AI Application:
    Based on the analysis, it offers specific advice on where and how AI can be more effectively integrated into business processes.

  5. Governance and Oversight Guidance:
    The assessment underscores the importance of robust governance structures to oversee AI initiatives, ensuring they align with ethical standards and business objectives.

  6. Strategic Roadmap:
    It provides a tailored roadmap with next steps for optimising cloud practices, migrating to AI solutions, and enhancing overall cloud maturity.

  7. Risk Management Strategies:
    Identifies potential risks and challenges associated with AI adoption and offers strategies to mitigate them.

AI Readiness in Action

GRIDSERVE has embraced a forward-thinking approach by developing and expanding a modern data platform on Azure, setting the foundation to future-proof their AI applications. By adopting a data lake mentality, they’ve ensured the capacity to securely and effectively connect and leverage data across all areas.


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