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What makes Dootrix different as an employer?

What makes Dootrix different as an employer?

One of the reasons for Dootrix’s success is that we attract – and retain – the best Azure minds. But this doesn’t happen by accident. We’ve worked hard to create a culture where people feel valued and where they can see opportunity and enjoy personal and career growth. But don’t take our word for it – we’ve asked three of our staff what Dootrix is like as a company to work for. Here are their unedited answers!

Ali joined Dootrix in 2017 – he’s stayed because he loves the people and the culture

I started as an apprentice directly out of college. At that point I hadn't really decided what I wanted to do yet, so I'd not gone to university, but I was looking to go into the IT sector or something artsy. When I saw the application for apprentices with a path, on completion, into a few different job roles, including design, I thought it sounded perfect for me.

I’ve stayed because I love the people and the culture here. Everyone is really great and easy to get on with. Having gone from Apprentice to being a fully fledged UX/UI designer, I've had a lot of opportunity for growth here and have been able to learn so much.

Jack joined Dootrix in October 2020 – felt at home straight away

What drew me to the company was my interest in its working culture and the diverse range of clients they partnered with.

Though I joined in the middle of the pandemic and met everyone via Zoom calls, the culture at Dootrix meant I immediately felt like part of the team and settled in quickly. The people and culture really make the company a great place to work. You're encouraged to support one another, and you learn something new each day thanks to everyone's different backgrounds and disciplines. There's a great work/life balance and, in my two years at Dootrix, I don't think I've ever experienced the Sunday scaries.

I've also had the opportunity to work on a number of innovative projects in different sectors, with a personal highlight being able to lead the design of an app for an EV charging company providing sustainable and renewable energy – with all the current awareness around climate change it feels like a great thing to be a part of.

There's so much support to learn and grow at Dootrix, this has helped me to develop massively as a designer. I've had the opportunity to lead the design team at Dootrix, and while taking this next step in my career I've also had the full support and advice of my line manager to help continue my growth.

Having had a tough time at my previous agency, I was reluctant to take on another agency role. However, the culture, working life, clients and most importantly the team really make Dootrix stand out from other tech firms. I felt at home straight away and knew this was the right firm for me to continue my career development, whilst working with some great innovative projects.

Phoebe joined Dootrix in January 2022 – encouraged to find the right role for her and be completely herself

I had worked within administration-based roles since I left education, and I was hoping to turn a hobby into a career. When I came across the apprenticeship at Dootrix, I looked into the company and having worked within large corporate offices, it seemed such a refreshing opportunity to join a more close-knit, creative company with much more of a ‘family’ feel, where each personality makes a difference.

I joined Dootrix as a Software Engineering Apprentice and soon realised it wasn’t the path for me. Instead of wishing me luck back on my job hunt, Dootrix offered me the opportunity to spend some time with each department to see if there could be a role for me elsewhere in the business. I have never worked for, or heard of, companies being so patient and understanding with an employee, encouraging them to find a career in something they love doing.

I spent seven months as a Circuit Trainee before I became a Delivery Assistant. Ten months later, I was promoted to Delivery Manager.

What makes Dootrix different from other tech firms is the way in which employees are encouraged to be completely themselves, expressing their personalities not only internally but with customers too, and the benefit this brings. Dootrix prides itself not just on the quality of its work but the people delivering it.

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