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This month's most useful tool for developers < June 2019

This month's most useful tool for developers < June 2019

Some are about new thinking or new techniques, some are about legacy technology and some are just useful resources for different languages or platforms. Some are just lolz. The brief is simple - if we think they’re useful, you might too.

Ever wondered how to spice up your technical presentations?



Try a musical?

Google commences its entrance into the gaming world with Stadia

Get Tom's View here.

Apple have introduced RealityKit

This tooling is going to elevate augmented reality to another level.

Web design best practice?

We love this from Casper Beyer: design for the web in 2019.

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a developer looks like for a financial services giant?



Apple has released the indoor maps programme

This is going to shake up a lot of apps! Read more.

Want to learn how to batch client GraphQL queries?

Looky here.

What do dwarf wheat, mobile apps and pornography have in common?

According to the BBC, they helped shape the modern economy.

Alexa, what's cupcake in German?


Great case study on the use of Micro-Services

And it's for the BBC!

Google are using AI for speech translation


Send push notifications using Azure notifications hub & Xamarin forms

Ooooh. Ahhhh.

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