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Meet our new Chief Operating Officer

Meet our new Chief Operating Officer

Meet our new Chief Operating Officer

Tom Fitzgibbons has joined Dootrix as its Chief Operating Officer. He will be playing a key role in the company’s leadership as it grows and provides consulting, technology services and digital transformation to an expanding roster of major enterprises. We asked him to introduce himself and set out his stall.

The perfect time to join the Dootrix team

Hello! Let me start by saying how excited I am to be joining Dootrix.

‘Excited’ is important. When I left my previous role as Managing Director of Zoocha, I wanted my next move to be something that both excited and challenged me, and somewhere I felt I could make a genuine contribution.

When a mutual contact put me in touch with Dootrix’s CEO Rob Borley and CTO Kevin Smith, I felt genuinely excited. What attracted me was both the culture of the business, Rob and Kev’s vision and their ambitious plans for the company.

During five years at Zoocha, I oversaw a period of rapid growth. Dootrix feels like a company in a similar position. It’s already growing fast, but the potential for more seems obvious. It’s at a hugely exciting juncture and poised to do great things.

A time of significant growth and change

Dootrix is unusual in the systems integration sphere. There are very few other companies in the space between the multinational, broad-based consultancies and the small specialist teams. In other words, there are few companies that have the scale and the depth of knowledge to provide a full-service option to large and very large enterprises but are of a size where you always know who you’re dealing with.

Having earned its reputation for expertise and for consistently delivering industry-leading quality, the question – as Dootrix scales – is how it ensures that all its clients, present and future, can continue to expect and receive excellence as standard. To a great extent, answering that question will be my responsibility.

A genuine alternative to the Global System Integrators

Dootrix is privileged to work with some of the world’s best-known consultancies and the fact that we’re often considered alongside them and win contracts in the face of competition from them is a huge compliment in itself. One of the first questions I asked about Dootrix was how it came to be a challenger to the global systems integrators (GSIs). The feedback I got wasn’t wholly surprising.

Dootrix is a specialist in Azure and that is evident at every level throughout the company. It has an impressive depth of expertise. It doesn’t pretend to be expert in AWS or Google Cloud and so it doesn’t need to maintain and manage multiple teams across a broad range of disciplines. And so, when it comes to projects in Azure, whether it be development or oversight, Dootrix provides a credible alternative to the GSIs.

Helping our teams and business to fulfil its potential

Part of the winning formula is undoubtedly Dootrix’s culture. It’s a natural home for experts and those who are striving to become experts as they advance their careers. It’s nurturing, supportive and personal, with a strong sense that everyone matters, and there’s a shared commitment to excellence. It’s part of why our clients love working with us and why people looking for new opportunities want to join us.

Ensuring that Dootrix remains an environment where everyone can fulfil their potential while driving amazing business results – and continuing to do so as we grow – will be among my key priorities.

My immediate focus is to listen to, and learn from, the team to help me fully understand how Dootrix operates. There is much for me to understand, and I am excited to get started.

If you want to be like Tom and join an exciting, fast-growing company then, become a Doo’er