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Apps We Love: Quarantine Edition

Technology has become even more prominent in our current climate, especially apps. Keeping us connected, learning new skills and even channelling our creativity.

Whilst we've been staying inside, we've been turning to our mobiles to provide some much-needed distraction and entertainment.

We wanted to share with you the apps out there that might make isolation a little easier.

So here they are, the 4 Apps We Love, Quarantine edition.


Fancy using this time to get creative? Then TikTok could be the download for you.

TikTok has taken the world by storm, even before lockdown. It is a Chinese video creation social network, where you can recreate, dance and lip-sync.

The ability to create videos with effects, filters and 'duet' with others is at your disposal. It answers the questions 'what should I watch' and 'what should I film' with recommendations and endless other videos and challenges. You can follow your favourite creators and even celebrities which will full up your feed, or even go on the 'for you page' to discover even more.

This app is ideal for releasing some creativity out into the world and you can spend hours exploring and coming up with video ideas.


“Train wherever, whenever, with the best digital coach”

Staying fit and active is really important, even when you have to stay indoors. There’s so many home work out apps available and we came across Freeletics. Freeletics is a training app where you use your own bodyweight with an intelligent AI Coach guide you. 

The app gives you a personal trainer wherever you are. Your Coach analyzes your fitness and goals. The more you train, the more it adapts to you.

As well as keeping you on track with exercise the app also includes a nutrition plan. 

You get custom meal plans tailored to your body and your goals. This collective app keeps you happy, healthy and motivated.


Connectivity is at our fingertips and we the ability to interact without even being in the same room.

Houseparty is a social networking service which enables group video chat. You can speak face to face to people in different locations, but you can also play interactive games.  This is the ideal app to stay connected with your friends and family, whilst adding an extra bit of entertainment.

You can set private or public groups for your chats, which enables you to speak to the people you want to. Houseparty keeps the party going with interactive games like Pictionary and Heads Up, so your chat is never boring.

This app is ideal for all the free evenings to catch up with friends and family, and even get a little competitive.

The Great British Bake Off App

With all this time on our hands, why not learn to bake? The Great British Bake Off has become a staple of UK culture and they now have an app! 

The app allows you to become a star baker in your own home. It’s designed to take you step by step through the methods, tips and techniques you need to create the most delicious bakes.

This application has everything you need to know to make some delicious treats and hone your skills as a baker. It is free to download on IOS and Android. 

Get your apron on and get in the kitchen to make some wonderful creations, plus you can even get updates about the show.


We hope you've enjoyed our Apps We Love Quarantine edition!