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Apps we love at Dootrix: #Environmental edition

Apps we love at Dootrix: #Environmental edition


Over the last year we've seen a real surge in environmental awareness, getting a better understanding of what we can do to contribute towards positive change. And as you know, we're passionate about products that help drive change.

So with that in mind, we wanted to share the apps that have informed us about the environment and how we can do our part.

So here it is the apps we love at Dootrix #Environmental edition.


This app has been created to help people to track their personal carbon impact on the environment. It allows users to compare their progress and make improvements to create a more sustainable world. This fun app keeps you up to date with your stats alongside, friends, family, coworkers and even celebrities. Not only can you save money and earn real-life rewards, but you can also contribute to a healthier planet and a healthier you.


The intent for Oroeco is to engage people and gamify change. It tracks things such as what you eat and buy, to how you live and where to invest your money. You can set goals and get tips on how to reduce the impact you care about the most.


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#Climate is an intelligent app that harnesses social power for the greater good.


The app allows users to tailor their #Climate feed to the environmental issues that interest them the most, by topic or location to curate a relevant feed to scroll through and share. Linked with your social media accounts #Climate allows you to share content that you are passionate about to help raise awareness amongst your own connections.

This app gives regular insights and news on environmental issues and curates information that's ready to share. By linking this with your other social accounts such as Twitter and Facebook you can easily spread the word and start making a difference. Social media is one of the most powerful and successful assets we have, so why not use it for the greater good?

Too Good to Go

Did you know that 31% of all food produced is wasted? This waste has a harmful effect on the environment- it's responsible for 8% of the global greenhouse gas emissions which is bad news for the planet. The Too Good to Go app allows you to make a difference in how much food is wasted, by being able to save any waste that hasn't been used that day. Simply put, shops and restaurants throw away food at the end of the day which is still perfectly good, this app allows you to select a shop/restaurant, be given a time and go and pick up the food they're ready to dispose of.


Too Good to Go's vision: "Our vision is a world with no waste and we know we'll get there because we believe in the power of people. Small actions have big consequences."

Surfers Against Sewage

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) is an organisation fighting to make our oceans and beaches cleaner and protect the people who use them. The Safer Seas Service app helps users find out if their favourite beaches are clean and usable for certain activities, such as surfing, kayaking and paddleboarding. It alerts water users when sewer overflows discharge untreated human sewage into the sea and when the water quality is reduced by diffuse pollution, covering over 315 beaches across England and Wales.

The app won Leisure/Travel app of the year at the UK App Awards with 5* reviews and a significant number of downloads since re-launching in May.

We worked with SAS to rework the app into what it is today, modernising and improving the user experience. You can find even more out about how we worked with them here.