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Putting Easy Access to Insurance at Everyone’s Fingertips: Dootrix announces strategic partnership with

Putting Easy Access to Insurance at Everyone’s Fingertips: Dootrix announces strategic partnership with


LONDON, 07 May 2024 – Microsoft Azure specialist Dootrix, today announced a strategic partnership with to streamline its mobile insurance app and provide a roadmap of new features to enhance the user experience.

Leveraging Dootrix’s digital and data technology capabilities, together with’s deep insurance sector expertise, the two firms will collaborate to look at new features and new ways to help mobile users improve everyday insurance switching across the price comparison site’s insurance channel.

Dootrix, which works with companies and institutions such as Heathrow, Gridserve, Britain’s blue light services and universities, will be making use of Microsoft’s latest cross-platform development framework, MAUI, to build a consumer data platform designed to power engagement and interaction with end customers via the mobile app. It will offer users the entire portfolio of insurance products on a single dashboard. and Dootrix will also produce a roadmap of new features to be rolled out and trialled, using different techniques and ways of interacting to provide critical feedback to define a more personalised experience for users. This will allow for better control and more experimentation over the full lifecycle of’s features.

Dootrix CEO, Rob Borley, said: “We are delighted to be working with to help build its mobile capabilities. This partnership offers significant opportunities to boost’s user experience, increase development efficiency, future-proof the mobile app and grow its ecosystem.”

Katie Hearn-Cross, Senior Product Manager at, said: “We know how important it is for us to stay on top of new and emerging technologies. And the app is the perfect way for us to reach a more diverse audience through a different channel. Renewing our partnership with Dootrix allows us to keep our technology evolving whilst continuing to improve experiences for our customers.”

Dootrix brings to the partnership a deep understanding of the latest mobile technology and will be working with as it transitions from Microsoft Xamarin to Microsoft’s latest framework for building modern, multi-platform, natively compiled iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows apps, .NET MAUI.

Tim Cravenskyj, Dootrix Account Director who oversees the partnership with, said: “In today's rapidly evolving mobile app development landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires businesses to adopt the latest technologies and frameworks.”

Tim warned that Xamarin's lifetime is coming to an end, with the products support planning to end on May 1st this year.

“Companies using Xamarin should be made aware that the product will be discontinued and to stay competitive and current will need to transition. By embracing MAUI, your business can stay at the forefront of mobile app development, delivering high-quality, cross-platform experiences to your users while minimising costs and efforts associated with maintaining separate codebases,” added Tim.

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