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5 Reasons to love DevOps

Following on from our recent Why DevOps post we have collated our top reasons why, at Dootrix, we advocate using a DevOps approach to software development.

Here are our top five reasons to love DevOps and why you should too.

  1. Increase the collaboration between your teams
    By combining the previously siloed development and operations departments into project-based teams, you encourage your employees to communicate and innovate on solutions that cross their traditional departmental boundaries. We have seen this in multiple scenarios resulting in a general reduction in friction between team members from previously separate departments, culminating in a more productive and focused work environment.
  2. Reduced timescales and lower costs
    DevOps and CI/CD through automation enable teams to work more efficiently with more insight on the health of the project and its outputs. Tight feedback loops give rapid responses to software build, deployment and operational issues, reducing risk, increasing efficiency and speeding up the delivery of customer value. Altogether these efficiency improvements, better reporting and rapid response lead to reduced timescales and lower costs.
  3. Automate your way to success
    Critical to the success and improvement that DevOps promises is the use of automation. No matter how you automate, whether via a bespoke system or using established tools such as Azure Pipelines, getting this right early maximises your DevOps gains.  With predefined automation doing the repeatable tasks, you and your teams are free to focus on delivering real value to your customers and your business.
  4. Improve the customer experience with reduction in failures.
    Through the early feedback loops that DevOps and CI/CD encourages, your team have greater visibility of any potential issues, often detecting and correcting issues before deploying them into production. Applications delivered with a DevOps approach are more reliable, easier to fix and provide a better experience for end customers.
  5. Keep your teams happy
    A DevOps approach focuses on integrating and valuing each job role and perspective, which will enhance job satisfaction for your employees. Also, by breaking down silos and giving your employees a multi-disciplinary perspective, they will gain awareness of all areas of the software development cycle. This rounded experience and fuller perspective will create more complete engineers for your organisation.

While we love DevOps we are also eager to encourage those with a mature approach to DevOps to take the next step and include security within their processes. As a result, we have a reason to love DevSecOps here:

  1. Built in security
    By including security in the core team alongside other functions, you will benefit from secure-first development (strictly a DevSecOps rather than a DevOps approach). Removing the security input and audit from the end of the dev cycle, you will develop innately secure applications for your customers.

At Dootrix, we help companies to realise their potential using a DevOps approach to their software development and deployment, read about how we did this with GBG, the B2B identity verification experts here.

Alternatively, you can reach out to the team, for information on DevOps and how we can assist with your adoption, here.