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Like many leading enterprises, the University of Nottingham (UoN) is like a ‘small city’ with its own unique operational and organisational priorities (managing catering, communication infrastructure, transport, real estate, personnel, finance and more).

In addition, UoN was facing many IT integration challenges in common with large corporate organisations.


Historically, integrations at UoN had used a point-to-point approach that has evolved in response to requirements for rapid delivery developed in a tactical manner, resulting in a complex system landscape.

As system complexity grew and technical debt was accrued, excess cost and risk became associated with system maintenance and updates.

UoN wanted to evolve their approach to integration to centralise and better coordinate University data within and between systems.



We undertook an in-depth analysis of the university’s infrastructure and business/ technical requirements. We also evaluated a range of solutions available on the market, including industry-leading

iPaaS (integration platform as a service) products. We worked closely with the university’s infrastructure and IT teams to deploy Datatrix, a PaaS first solution in Microsoft Azure.

The Datatrix platform uses the latest in Azure technology, including API Management (APIM), Service Bus, Data Factory, Cosmos DB and more. We prioritised integrations with two key systems of record, ingesting, integrating and processing data from across the university.

Managing the entire process from end to end in Azure DevOps, using principles of Infrastructure as Code and automation, provided the basis for rapid but safe development and testing and allowed for increased speed of delivery and secure deployments.

university’s infrastructure and business


We deployed the Datatrix integration platform in Microsoft Azure, enabling UoN to democratise and integrate data from a range of critical systems of record (SoRs), improving their student/employee experiences and driving their digital transformation.

With help from our cloud experts, UoN has been able to completely transform the way that data is integrated within the university. By providing a secure and highly performant platform, they have liberated and democratised data, allowing them to better-leverage information from across the organisation.

Post-delivery of Datatrix, we’re continuing our partnership with UoN to create a Centre of Excellence (CoE) within the university. We are sharing best practices and providing UoN with architectural ownership of the solution, allowing their teams to take control of future integrations as they continue their transformation journey.

We’re continuing to work in partnership with UoN to help modernise their infrastructure as well as designing and developing state of the art applications

Datatrix integration platform
Sarah Goodwin

“The strategic integration project and resulting integration platform are huge enablers in our digital transformation. The platform has helped us improve governance, make better use of the data we hold across the university and improve the experiences we can offer students and our employees.”

Sarah Goodwin


Transferable Benefits

By focusing on taking the right integration approach, we’ve been able to help UoN to leverage the benefits of the cloud and supercharge their digital transformation. Organisations in any sector can benefit from Datatrix, the data integration platform.

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