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Delivering complex data to enable effective communications

Dootrix developed two highly performant, public APIs for Ofcom, enabling users to have access to highly complex national broadband quality and mobile coverage data, by postcode, across the entire UK.

Client Background

The Office of Communications (Ofcom) is the UK government approved regulatory and competition authority for the broadcasting, telecommunications and postal industries of the United Kingdom.

Ofcom provide advice and information to thousands of users and suppliers each year, helping people and businesses make informed decisions on their broadband and mobile services as well as providing a range of other services.

Client Background

Customer Challenge

Ofcom’s challenge was to create two highly performant API’s to provide access to broadband quality and mobile connectivity data across the entire UK, by postcode.

The first API would enable a huge range of businesses to have access to the most up to date information on 3 types of broadband service and empower both commercial businesses and the general public to make informed decisions about their broadband provider in a specific local area.

The second API would enable consumers to have access to the same data but for mobile connectivity, allowing them to make informed decisions about their mobile provider within a specific local area.

Customer Challenge


The dataset included information covering 1.6 millions postcodes covering 16 million homes, adding to the complexity of the challenge. As the UK’s approved regulatory authority, this project had to be complete to the highest possible quality and meet a range of requirements including:

  • Near instant worldwide response
  • Rate limits to avoid misuse
  • Quota limits to allow for tiered access
  • Secured access
  • Load testing to prove the robustness
  • Multiple environments for varying levels of QA with fast and reliable migrations
  • A developer portal for Ofcom’s clients to gain access


The performant APIs were built using the powerful Azure cloud platform and a range of Azure tools and resources.

We worked closely with Ofcom’s solution architects and technical specialists to develop the APIs and release them to their clients.

The solution allows API subscribers to access the latest broadband and mobile coverage data, by postcode.

The API subscribers request data from Azure API Management, which delegates to Cosmos DB to retrieve the data and APIM adds rate limiting, quota limiting as required.



Our API has empowered Ofcom to live up to their mission of “making communication work – for everyone.”

Since the launch of the APIs, Ofcom have been able to successfully release a developer portal, enabling client administrators to manage and customise content and developers to discover and learn about the API and start consuming straight away.

Transferable Benefits

By developing two resilient public facing APIs for Ofcom UK consumers and businesses are able to make an informed decision when choosing their mobile and broadband provider, using the shared data. Public and internal data can be shared reliably and securely using Azure’s suite of API Management services, in a cost effective, managed way.

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